From 1 to 24 GB of memory in under 10 seconds. No rebooting required.

Shared core with full flexibility

An OpenVZ VPS shares the core with other servers on the same hardware – a technique called container-based virtualization or Shared Kernel Virtualization.

Using this technique a server can be up or downscaled without rebooting or any loss in performance. The server also gets direct access to the RAID card making storage performance exceptional.

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Advantages with OpenVZ

Extreme storage performance with SSD

SSD storage in RAID10 ensures exceptional performance. Even the most demanding databases run smoothly on OpenVZ.

Up and downscale without rebooting

Container-based technology lets you add or remove processors, memory and hard drives on your system without rebooting.

Create a VPS in under a minute

OpenVZ is extremely lightweight and creating a new server is a quick affair.

Backup included

Daily backups are included in the service, just to be on the safe side.

0–60 in the blink of an eye

Prepare your web cluster with a number of web nodes and when traffic really picks up you can just upscale all to maximum performance, increasing your capacity many times over. When things quieten down you can downscale just as quickly.

OpenVZ and our load balancer make it easy to build big and scalable. Scalability in OpenVZ ensures that extra horsepower is on hand with only a click of a button.

One server for every developer

Instead of using your own servers for office development and having hardware that is rarely used, OpenVZ makes for a very competitive alternative. You can easily create servers for new projects and close down older ones just as fast.

Our control panel gives you complete control over all resources and you never have to worry about unexpected costs.

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