Service Level Agreement

All our services come with SLA Base

Our mission

Accessibility & security

In a nutshell we deliver accessibility, in the sense that all our systems and services are up and available at all times. In all we do and all decisions made, accessibility is our guiding word. However, sometimes something goes wrong and a service might be unavailable. What happens then is regulated in a Service Level Agreement, or SLA for short.

All our services come with SLA Base. Among other things we guarantee 99.3 % uptime on all networks and infrastructure. We also make sure experienced technicians are on hand for error reports between 8am–5pm on weekdays with a five minute response time.

If your business has higher demands we offer extended SLAs. These can contain automatic monitoring of systems including measures if something fails and the option to error report at all times of day or night, all year round.

We do our best to offer the most generous deals and conditions. However, we do not allow our network to be used for email advertising, junk mail and spam. To keep our customers safe we reserve the right to close network connections to servers that end up hacked or infected by viruses. In short we allow anything on our servers that abide by Swedish laws.

Extended SLA

To be able to reach us at all times we offer extended Service Level Agreements. There are several options to choose from, to suit your needs as best as possible.

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