Data is important and sometimes even business-critical

Protection from
worst case scenarios

User error, hardware issues or similar problems can happen to anyone. Easily overlooked, preventive security actions are an investment and not simply a cost. Data is storable in many different ways and at present we offer three different backup services. All services include upkeep and monitoring by us.

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You can add backup to all your servers at GleSYS. We take care of storage and management.

Monitored and run by us

Our technicians make sure all backups run smoothly and will let you know if something is amiss.

Peace of mind

Always get a good night’s sleep knowing your important data is safely stored away from your own servers. We send all backups offsite in Sweden to our own data centers.


After you have installed a client on your server and we have configured it, a backup is made once a day. Once a week a full backup is completed with all files. Daily backups are incremental, which means only changes to files are saved. This method is used to save space. Your data is stored for 14–21 days and make a full recovery possible if needed.


In our VMware platform we use Veeam to backup your server. Once Veeam is activated it works independent of what operating system you use and without installing any clients on your server.

Replication is done once every day and the whole server can easily be recovered.


When using Bacula or Veeam prices are adjusted after how much space is required to store your data.

Backup service Platform Base price per mo. Price/GiB per mo.
Bacula All platforms €4.72 €0.47
Veeam VMware €5.89 €0.47
KVM Backup KVM €1.17 €0.03

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