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Our VPS's (Virtual Private Servers) are all pay-as-you-go with no investment required and are scalable to your needs. You pay hourly rates and only for as much as you are using.

All our virtual servers have SSD storage, built-in protection from hardware failures and the speed to guarantee additional performance when you need it the most – making it a favourite among developers, corporations and agencies.

Power to spare. Room to grow. Join GleSYS Cloud today.

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Why choose us for VPS hosting?

Powerful and flexible

Manage all your VPS's in GleSYS Cloud.
Our intuitive interface lets you adjust performance and handle backups. Read more

Performance when you need it

All servers in GleSYS Cloud use SSD storage, memory and processors from leading manufacturers, all chosen carefully by us.

Keeping costs low

Pay-as-you-go in short means you are only paying for the services you choose and only during the time you need them. Read more

GleSYS ❤ Docker

Our VMware platform is great for Docker and with our ready-to-go Docker Machine driver you'll be up and running in no time. Read more

Outstanding support included in all services

Sometimes something goes wrong, something needs to be explained or you just thought of something marvelous we should be made aware of – our support is there for you.

We swiftly answer emails and phonecalls, putting you in touch with our qualified technicians and giving you immediate peace of mind.

We have collected all our services in GleSYS Cloud for you

Get the complete picture and full control of your virtual servers and services. We have everything in one place, accessible 24/7, all year round. Manage your servers, control your costs, check your backups and organize privileges for your team.

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Data centers in four countries – The world at your fingertips

GleSYS Cloud is available on location in Falkenberg, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Oslo and London. Using our control panel you can easily create new virtual servers in all of our data centers. Prices never vary.

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It only takes a couple of minutes to create a free GleSYS Cloud account. Once done you can log in to our control panel and start building your server platform, all with just a few clicks of a button.

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