Object Storage

S3-compatible, scalable and affordable storage with high availability.

Reliable and Secure Object Storage

Store virtually unlimited data in a reliable, efficient and affordable way. The service GleSYS Object Storage is a S3-compatible solution, ideal for storing and managing large volumes of static or unstructured data.

The cost is €0.06/GiB monthly including free transfers – no strings attached.

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Features & benefits

Scale seamlessly

Stop worrying about running out of space – the solution provides practically unlimited of storage space and scales automatically.

Free transfer

Compared to many suppliers in the market, we don't charge for outbound transfers or requests.

A Nordic cloud for your sensitive data

We are located in the Nordics and therefore secured by the European Union's regulations. We offer you a GDPR-compliant cloud platform.

Flexible integration

Our Object Storage solution supports the S3 API. Integrate with your existing code base and applications – with ease.

Use cases

Media storage

Store static media assets such as images, video and audio – for direct distribution to your end users.

Automatic backups

Use the S3 API or utilize backup solutions in popular platforms such as cPanel, WordPress and many more.

Private or shared storage

Built-in security features make it easy to set permissions and grant access to your files. With bucket policies, you get full control over your data.

Custom solutions

Archive large data sets, save historical logs or use as Disaster Recovery – you have all the possibilities.

Your data is safe with us

Achieve GDPR compliance without disruption to operations. With us, you can safely store sensitive data within the EU.

Our ISO 27001 certification ensures that we work in a systematic and risk-based way with information security.

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Price Comparison

GleSYS Object Storage Amazon S3 Google Cloud Storage
Storage capacity (per GiB monthly):
      0–500 TiB € 0.06 /GiB € 0.0200 /GiB € 0.0196 /GiB
      500+ TiB Contact us € 0.0192 /GiB € 0.0196 /GiB
Operational requests (monthly):
      Write operations (per 10 000) No charge € 0.0460 € 0.0426
      Read operations (per 10 000) No charge € 0.0037 € 0.0034
Public outbound bandwidth (per GiB monthly):
      0–50 TiB No charge € 0.0723 /GiB € 0.0681 /GiB
      Next 100 TiB No charge € 0.0596 /GiB € 0.0681 /GiB
      Next 350 TiB No charge € 0.0426 /GiB € 0.0681 /GiB
      500+ TiB Contact us € 0.0426 /GiB € 0.0681 /GiB
Price comparison compiled July 2021. Where a direct comparison plan is not available, the cost of the closest comparable plan is shown.

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The cost is €0.06/GiB monthly including free transfers – no strings attached.

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