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We can offer a powerful and secure email platform, helping you get information and staying in touch with your colleagues – wherever you might be.

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Easily managed

Manage every aspect of your email accounts using GleSYS Cloud. You can manage the size of your accounts, activate virus scanning and adjust the spam filters. You can control email accounts for every domain you have access to.


You decide how you want to use your email. With the webmail you can always receive and send emails no matter what computer you are using. Choose IMAP for flexible access to all your sent and received emails or POP3 if you want all emails in one place.

Use our API

You can create email accounts and aliases, adjust the spam filter using our API. These are appreciated by retailers who can use these with their own services.

Securely stored in Sweden

All email traffic is encrypted and all data is stored on our servers. These data centers are located in Sweden and subject to Swedish law.

  • Maintained by GleSYS
  • Backup is included
  • No term of notice
  • High accessibility and redundancy
  • Spam protection included
  • Complete API support
  • Dependable support
  • Anti-virus included
  • Flexible webmail


Email account (includes 1 GiB storage), per €1.07 /mo.
Extra storage, per GiB €0.32 /mo.

Deploy an SSD cloud server in 55 seconds.