Place your equipment in a safe, monitored and fire protected location. All facilities are climate controlled and have access to emergency power and redundant fiber connections.

Secure server management

GleSYS data centers offer security and flexibility. Clients have personal access to our data centers around the clock. All comings-and-goings are logged and monitored. All racks are lockable and you have the option to put alarms on individual cabinets.

Help for emergencies is available at all times, both for consultation and Remote Hands.

Power to spare. Room to grow. Join GleSYS Cloud today.

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Why choose us for hosting?

Security & infrastructure

Shared and dedicated racks with easy access for trusted clients. Redundant power-grid, efficient cooling and surveillance 24/7/365.

Good business

Save money by centralizing and outsourcing business-critical systems with us instead of costlier investments on your own.

Our network

Use our extended network to connect your offices, clients and data centers to ours. We can assist with access, IP transit and transports.

Expand into the cloud

Manage traffic peaks and ease loads on your systems by extending your services and networks into the cloud.

  • Ethernet connection to GleSYS Backbone
  • Personal access – 24/7
  • UPS backup and diesel generators
  • DNS management with PTR pointer
  • IP addresses to suit your needs
  • BGP routing (private & public AS)
  • Dedicated fiber via Stokab and Skanova
  • Additional service providers are available
  • Private cages available
  • MPLS between data centers
  • DWDM
  • Several Internet exchange points (IX)

The world at your fingertips

Colocation is available in all our affiliated data centers. In Falkenberg and Stockholm we own and manage our own centers and we are cooperating with leading providers in other locations all across Europe.

We have years of experience in colocation – get in touch with us for more information and let us help you reach your potential.

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