Software & Licenses

Rent software and licenses through us, all on the same invoice – we know all the rules.

Microsoft (SPLA)

Through Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) we can offer you the use of practically all the latest versions of Microsoft products on the servers you rent from us.

Our most commonly used Microsoft software titles are: MSSQL Server, Remote Desktop Services (RDS) CAL, Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Office.

VMware (vCAN ex. VSPP)

vCan makes it possible to rent licenses for almost all VMware’s products. You can use these licenses on servers you rent from us. We also use VMware as one of our own platforms.

Among the products included in vCAN you will find vSphere, Mirage and NSX.


You pay monthly and only for the licenses you use. We will help you with the details.

Remote Desktop Services €5 /mo. per user
MSSQL Server Web €20 /mo. (2 cores)
MSSQL Server Standard €360 /mo. (2 cores)
Microsoft Exchange Basic €3 /mo. per user

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