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Running cables is an artform and rack-mounting servers is time-consuming. Let our experts do the heavy lifting.

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Running cables, racking servers and configuring remote management is only the beginning when installing servers. Through the years we have rack-mounted thousands of servers, run miles of cable and are proud to say that along the way we have become quite good at it.

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We take delivery of all equipment, unpack it and mount it in its place in your cabinet. Then we recycle all packaging and if you want, we will plug in everything as per your instructions.


While rack-mounting we can help you connect to your equipment without being physically present in the server room, letting you install and configure your system without leaving your office.


Our technicians are experienced troubleshooters and can help you check hardware, network and operating system.

Running cables

We can help with patching, re-wiring or running new cables. We can use your cables or you can buy from us.

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