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GleSYS Backbone

GleSYS owns and operates a MPLS-based network with good resilience and great performance. All our services are delivered from our own network.

The network is built around wavelength connections between cities and metropolitan area networks using high-end WDM optical network solutions. In addition to this, we also have a well-developed traffic exchange with market-leading network suppliers.

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The core network

On top of our optical network we have built a 100G core network with industry-leading hardware. The network consists of two core routers in each data center – that are strategically located in Europe. To these we connect edge routers, Internet Exchange Providers (IXPs), peering partners and IP Transit Service Providers.

The access network

The network is built to deliver port speeds from 100 Mbit/s to 100 Gbit/s with full fault tolerance in all data centers where we are present.

  • Amsterdam
  • London
  • Frankfurt am Main
  • Helsinki
  • Malmö & Copenhagen
  • Oslo
  • Stockholm
  • Falkenberg
  • Gothenburg

Point of Presence (PoP)

City Country
Alingsås Energi Alingsås Sweden
Bornet Borås Sweden
Falkenberg FK Falkenberg Sweden
GleSYS Falkenberg 1 Falkenberg Sweden
GleSYS Falkenberg 2 Falkenberg Sweden
Gothnet Gothenburg Sweden
Halmstad HST Halmstad Sweden
Jönköping Energi Jönköping Sweden
GlobalConnect Limhamn Sweden
Tele2 Limhamn Sweden
Malmö/Sparven M/SP Malmö Sweden
VG 4 Malmö Sweden
Skövde Stadsnät Skövde Sweden
Bjärke Energi Sollebrunn Sweden
Equinix SK1 Bromma Sweden
Equinix SK2 Sköndal Sweden
GleSYS Stockholm Hägersten Sweden
Interxion STO1–4 Kista Sweden
GlobalConnect DCH Hammarby Sweden
GlobalConnect DCS Skärholmen Sweden
Stockholm/Fredhäll S/F Stockholm Sweden
Stokab BRM01 Bromma Sweden
Stokab KIS03 Kista Sweden
Stokab KN4 Stockholm Sweden
Stokab KN5 Stockholm Sweden
Stokab KN6 Stockholm Sweden
Stokab KN7 Stockholm Sweden
Stokab RÅV2 Stockholm Sweden
Sundsvall SV Sundsvall Sweden
Servanet Sundsvall Sweden
PEMA Vårgårda Sweden
GlobalConnect Taastrup Denmark
Interxion CPH1–2 Ballerup Denmark
Telia Telehouse Glostrup Denmark
Equinix HE6 Espoo Finland
Equinix HE7 Espoo Finland
Ficolo The Air Helsinki Finland
Digita Pasila Helsinki Finland
ODC OUL1 Oulu Finland
ODC OUL2 Oulu Finland
DNA Torikatu Oulu Finland
Equinix FR5 Frankfurt am Main Germany
Equinix AM1/AM2 Amsterdam The Netherlands
Equinix AM5 Amsterdam The Netherlands
Equinix AM7 Amsterdam The Netherlands
Equinix AM11 Amsterdam The Netherlands
DigiPlex Oslo Norway
Bulk OS-IX Oslo Norway
Blix BDC Oslo Norway
Equinix LD8 London United Kingdom

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