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Limitless performance, fast delivery times and first-rate hardware support. Together we will build a server that suits you and your needs perfectly.

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GleSYS has been offering dedicated servers for 15 years. Our model is simple; you rent a physical server from us, we place it in one of our data centers, install an operating system of your choice and connect it to our network. From then on all hardware support is done by us.

When you no longer want your server you can return it and we will destroy all drives, reuse whatever parts are still viable and recycle the rest.

Power to spare. Room to grow. Join GleSYS Cloud today.

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Why choose us for hosting?

True flexibility

All the hardware fit for your needs. After you have installed whatever software you need, we are there to care for it.

First-rate hardware support

We manage our own support and keep our own components stocked, making it easy for us to quickly fix your server if something goes awry.

Bandwidth for days

We promise to deliver more bandwidth than you will ever need – starting at 10 Mbit/s and up to several 10 Gbit/s.

Instant delivery

We have several servers standing by for immediate delivery – no time constraints.

Outstanding support included in all services

Sometimes something goes wrong, something needs to be explained or you just thought of something marvelous we should be made aware of – our support is there for you.

We swiftly answer emails and phonecalls, putting you in touch with our qualified technicians and giving you immediate peace of mind.

Place your servers close to your users

You can find homes for your dedicated servers in Falkenberg, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Oslo or London. Proximity to your user base ensures better service and smiles all around.

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