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Today, data and cloud sovereignty are a fundamental part of Nordic organizations' business strategies. Changes in the global, European and national landscape of laws and regulations have accelerated the need to evaluate and adapt operations and how to work with data storage and cloud services. A sovereign cloud assures you that all data stays on the sovereign ground and prevents anyone outside Sweden's borders from accessing the data – under any circumstances.

With GleSYS, you can be sure that your data is protected and stored on sovereign land. We can help you deploy the right applications and data – in the right cloud!

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Our sovereign cloud offers:

  • IT-infrastructure management directly in the platform

  • Isolated networks and micro-segmentation

  • Data Encryption – In-Transit & At-Rest

  • Market-leading technology from VMware and Veeam

  • Disaster Recovery and backup management

  • Role-based access control and support for SAML

  • Guaranteed storage and availability within the EU

  • Technology for building modern and portable applications

  • Efficient development with VMware Application Catalog

Data sovereignty – gain control over your data

We guarantee that all data is stored securely in Sweden - in Glesy's data center - with exclusive control. In other words, your data never leaves Sweden's borders. The business is managed entirely within the jurisdiction.

Privacy and data availability

Our cloud infrastructure is redundant and available in at least two different data centers within the jurisdiction – and of course, you get access to several private and secure connections.

Compliance and security

With an information security management system (LIS), we are certified to an accepted industry standard that applies globally – and regionally, for that matter – and audits are carried out regularly.

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Mobility – and the importance of being digitally independent

We support a modern application architecture that prevents you from locking yourself into one provider. It promotes portability and makes you more independent – we favor Cloud Smart over Cloud First, plain and simple!

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"I work as a Customer Success Manager at Glesys, and I help some of our largest customers, active in the private and public sector, among other things, to strengthen their digital sovereignty and secure regulatory compliance."

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