FortiGate Firewall as a Service (FWaaS)

Get enterprise-class security at an affordable rate with minimal upfront costs.

Next-Generation Security

How we work is evolving as more individuals work remotely and cyber-attacks become increasingly sophisticated. This situation makes it more difficult to safeguard our networks, posing challenges for IT security. Our internal IT resources may be overwhelmed, leading to a lack of ongoing monitoring and maintenance of security systems, leaving our business vulnerable to attacks.

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Why You Need Firewall as a Service

Firewall as a Service provides numerous advantages over traditional firewall solutions, including high availability, cost-effectiveness, enhanced security, and flexibility in customization and integration.

GleSYS' FortiGate FWaaS

We have developed FortiGate FWaaS that leverages our cybersecurity expertise and Fortinet's Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW) to address the challenges posed by new and evolving threats and network complexity.

The FortiGate FWaaS is a cloud-based service hosted in our data centers that provides a fully managed and highly available FortiGate firewall appliance. The service is compatible with VLAN-based private networks, cloud, and colocation workloads and can protect your network from cyber threats, control traffic, and enforce security policies.

  • L3 and L7 policy-based firewall technology
  • GUI management with full admin rights
  • IPsec and SSL VPN
  • Anti-malware protection
  • Intrusion detection and prevention
  • URL, DNS, and video filtering
  • Automatically updated detection databases
  • Possibility to export logs
  • Integration with SSOs and IdPs
  • Support is available at an hourly rate
  • Extended SLA available as add-on
  • Available in dc-fbg1, dc-sto1 and dc-oul1

How does it work?

With FWaaS, you receive comprehensive network protection for a fixed monthly fee. There is no significant upfront investment in hardware or subscriptions.

What's included?

Our platform is designed with redundant hardware, power, and network architecture to guarantee the firewall's continuous availability. The service includes licenses, firmware upgrades, device and security event monitoring, configuration backups, and reporting analysis.

What does it cost?

From €280 + VAT /month*

* IP addresses and VLANs are not included in the price