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Our team of experienced Solution Architects is committed to collaborating closely with you on any project you may have in mind. Our comprehensive services include migration assistance, architectural design, and cloud deployment facilitation. Moreover, we provide strategic guidance to make informed decisions and adopt technologies that ensure your business's long-term success.

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Our Approach

The process typically includes the following steps:

Initial Conversations

Technical assessment, defining project scope, reviewing strategy, and discussing budgets and timelines.

Initial Technical Design

Collaborative development of an initial solution blueprint.

Design Validation

Refining business and user requirements while verifying the suitability of the proposed solution.

Solution Design

Designing a scalable solution, planning the migration, and initiating the building phase.


Handing over the solution, validating its functionality (Proof of Concept), and transitioning to production.

Continuous Development

Providing ongoing support, follow-ups, and optimization to ensure continued success.

Success Spotlights

Discover our professional service solutions through these success stories

Vitec Futursoft

A Strategic Shift to Cloud Services Transforms Automotive Software

With the need to modernize its ERP product architecture, Vitec Futursoft Oy arrived at a crucial crossroad: to evolve its offerings into browser-based applications or further develop its existing software for cloud service delivery through a partnership.


Vitec Futursoft encountered a two-fold challenge: executing a software architecture transition without affecting service quality and finding a partner to facilitate this shift. They aimed to offer their ERP solutions remotely, necessitating a robust and secure cloud platform for seamless internet delivery. A complete overhaul of their software to a web-based platform was deemed impractical due to the extensive workload and potential user experience complications.


Partnering with GleSYS, Vitec Futursoft received a suite of services. By leveraging GleSYS' resilient server capabilities, we established a dedicated environment for application delivery. The setting is powered by Windows Server OS and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, ensuring a scalable, fault-tolerant infrastructure with full licensing and maintenance support. We secured the user experience and remained consistent with local environments while enhancing flexibility and enabling remote work. Additionally, new browser-based modules were designed for car mechanics and technical specialists in repair shops, further expanding the system's functionality.


By adopting a SaaS model, Vitec Futursoft now delivers a more versatile product line, enhancing sales and customer engagement while minimizing the clients' need for software investment and upkeep. The successful partnership with GleSYS led to a solution that increased accessibility and redirected resources to software development rather than infrastructure overhauls, boosting customer satisfaction and business growth.


Navigating the Digital Wilderness

The innovator in animal tracking technology, Tracker Oy, needed to scale their backend to match their growth. GleSYS' involvement was pivotal, evolving from a service provider to a partner driving Tracker towards innovation and reliability in the Nordic market.


As a leader in quality IoT devices for animal tracking, Tracker was reaching the technical limits of its traditional architecture to support an expanding customer base, especially during the heightened activity of hunting seasons, which risked service disruptions and congested user experience.


GleSYS stepped in to manage and evolve Tracker's server and network solutions, providing virtual resources and expert consulting. The collaboration progressed to customizing platform solutions and implementing scalable load balancing, with a strategic shift towards container technologies for optimized performance.


The partnership resulted in a resilient architecture capable of handling variable loads, allowing Tracker to adapt services and costs effectively. Tracker can swiftly address issues and dynamically adjust to service demands, showcasing the benefits of a knowledgeable local tech ally.

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