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With GleSYS File Storage you can create a volume of up to 16 TiB and easily mount it to any of your servers (VPS, dedicated servers or colocation) in GleSYS Cloud.

The service is fully managed by us and you can rest assured that your data is stored safely in our data centers in Sweden.

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Share and collaborate

Create your volume directly in our Control Panel and share it between your servers with the NFSv3 or NFSv4.2 protocol.

Predictable billing

Choose a plan that fits your needs. You pay by the hour – with no commitment or hidden fees.


Scale up or down at any time with a storage capacity of up to 16 TiB per storage volume.

Platform independent

You can easily mount and use your storage volume via NFS, regardless of operating system.

Use cases

Development and testing

GleSYS File Storage is a flexible and robust storage solution that suits perfectly for development and testing. Share code and other files in an organised and secure way.

Container storage

Containers that need access to the original data each time they start, require a shared file system that they can connect to. GleSYS File Storage provides persistent and shared access to data – ideal for container storage.

Content management

GleSYS File Storage can be used as a durable and shared file system for content management systems or other web applications. Integrate and use to store and serve assets like videos, images and sound files for your web applications.


Take advantage of the flexibility of storing database backups and files in the cloud either for long-term backups or as temporary protection during updates. GleSYS File Storage provides a standard file system that can be easily mounted from your servers.

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You pay a fixed monthly cost for the tier you are in. For example, if you store 1.5 TiB, the monthly price is €159.96.

Store up to Monthly price
100 GiB €10.32 /mo. (€0.1032 /GiB if you use all 100 GiB)
1 TiB €68.58 /mo. (€0.0686 /GiB if you use all 1 TiB)
3 TiB €159.96 /mo. (€0.0533 /GiB if you use all 3 TiB)
6 TiB €308.49 /mo. (€0.0514 /GiB if you use all 6 TiB)
10 TiB €502.67 /mo. (€0.0503 /GiB if you use all 10 TiB)
16 TiB €716.58 /mo. (€0.0448 /GiB if you use all 16 TiB)

All prices are subject to VAT. You pay by the hour and can cancel the service whenever you want.

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