Environmental Sustainability

Innovation for a sustainable future

We believe it’s our responsibility to take care of the planet – managing our own footprint to contribute to a sustainable future. We're committed to making our business as sustainable as possible and have introduced a range of initiatives to minimize the long-term environmental impact.

GleSYS is certified according to ISO 14001 – an international standard that specifies requirements for an effective environmental management system.

pdficon_small  Certificate ISO 14001:2015

Green Data Centers

100% Renewable Energy

We’re only purchasing energy from renewable sources for our data centers and offices – eco-labeled "Good Environmental Choice" by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation.

Optimized Heat Recovery

In Sweden, our data centers' excess heat is being part of keeping the citizens in Falkenberg and Stockholm warm year-round through district heating.

Electronics Recycling

We make sure electronics are recycled in a cost-effective, sustainable and reliable way – always considering replacing obsolete electronics with more efficient appliances.

Ultra-Clean Backup Power

Our emergency generators are powered by EcoPar – an ultra-clean fuel that reduces the CO2 emissions by up to 50 percent throughout its lifecycle according to ISO 14040.

Reduced CO2 emissions by 2,430 tonnes per year

With the environmental impact of the data center industry, sustainable efforts are more important than ever. We have invested heavily in innovative technology to be able to recover the excess heat from our data centers. The surplus energy becomes district heating and largely replaces the combustion of pellets and gas – which reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

This is by far the largest effort we can make and today we are a leading player, in the Nordic region, in this field.

"We’re pleased that GleSYS joins Open District Heating and reuses all of their excess heat. The agreement creates mutual values ​​and contributes to making Stockholm a sustainable city"

Martin Brolin, Business Development
Stockholm Exergi

"By utilizing the excess heat from GleSYS data center, we increase the proportion of recovered energy in our heat production. It's a giant leap forward and benefits both the environment and the residents of Falkenberg"

Bo-Anders Antonsson, CEO
Falkenberg Energi

Sustainability in Our Everyday Operations

Eco-Friendly Transportation

As far as possible we choose train instead of air travel. In six months, we’ve saved more than 4,300 kg in CO2 emissions by choosing train.

Sorting and Recycling

Correct sorting of waste makes it possible to recycle materials, which is a way for us to reduce our environmental impact.

Remote Meetings

We’ve set up an effective platform for virtual meetings between our distributed team members. We encourage digital meetings before face-to-face meetings when possible.

Consumable Office Supplies

We choose buying products and services from companies with a strong social and environmental reputation.

Partnering for a sustainable future

As a VMware Zero Carbon Committed partner, we are dedicated to helping boost innovation, drive sustainable growth, and improve our environment for future generations. Through our pledge to operate public cloud data centers that use 100 percent renewable energy by 2030, we can help you reach your sustainability and supply chain decarbonization goals.

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