Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Maintain business continuity with VMware Cloud Director Availability®.

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Peace of mind in an
unpredictable world

Disaster recovery is an IT strategy that focuses on your ability to respond to a disaster or catastrophic event. With a disaster recovery plan in place, the IT functions of your organization can resume normal operations immediately with as little downtime as possible, and avoid the loss of critical data.

GleSYS offers an industry-leading DRaaS solution based on VMware Cloud Director Availability®. Built to offer simple, secure, and cost-effective onboarding, migration, and disaster recovery services “to” or “between” multi-tenant VMware clouds.

Benefits of DRaaS

Cost Efficiency

By using our public cloud service, there is no need to purchase hardware, software, or supporting infrastructure. VMware Cloud Director Availability® offers cost-effective cloud disaster recovery within your VMware ecosystem.


Utilize existing investments in VMware technology and expertise – while gaining full flexibility and lowering the Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs).


We can assist you in implementing a solid disaster recovery plan – ensuring your assets are protected, while helping to reduce downtime and speed recovery.


Take advantage of GleSYS Cloud and the full VMware Cloud Director software stack. By migrating your IT infrastructure to a dynamic cloud-based IaaS platform, you can secure everything, everywhere, all the time.

Prevent data loss due to:

  • Data breaches, malware, or ransomware attacks

  • Natural disasters, riots, or war

  • Failed software installation or updates

  • The human error – data is accidentally deleted

  • Power outages and disconnections

  • Hardware failure or connectivity issues

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