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We offer a wide selection of services to compliment your VPS, dedicated server or colocation. Think of us as your digital toolbox, full of all tricks of our trade.

Storage & Backup

File Storage

With GleSYS File Storage you get a scalable storage solution. Easy-to-use and shareable via NFS. Read more


Store large amounts of data, easily accessible from anywhere in the world. Read more


Preventing data loss is more of an investment than an expense. Data is storable in many different ways and GleSYS offers several different backup solutions. Read more

Object StorageBeta

S3-compatible, scalable and affordable storage with high availability. Read more

Help & Support

Managed Hosting

With managed hosting GleSYS assumes responsibility of every aspect of your server solution. We handle all installations and day-to-day running of both hardware and software. Read more

Extended SLA

To be able to reach us at all times we offer extended service level agreements. There are several options to choose from, to suit your needs as best as possible. Read more

Remote Hands

Whenever you do not feel like it or have the option to go to our server halls, our experienced technicians are there for you. We are happy to help with wiring, rack mounting and installation. Read more

Network & Security

Network Services

GleSYS can deliver fast Internet access for your company. We offer transit and transport services in Sweden and large parts of Europe. Access is delivered via fiber or copper. Read more

Load Balancer

Distribute traffic between different servers – easily and fast. This service is available at our data centers and our solution is fully redundant from the get-go. Read more

DDoS Mitigation

For how long can your business be offline? Reduce downtime and protect yourself with our DDoS Mitigation. Read more

More services

Domains & DNS

Domains and DNS make up some of the most important building blocks of the Internet. We give you control over both and the DNS utility is an integral part in all our services. Read more


Our email service provides a stable environment to grow in. Accounts are placed in our central email cluster, providing complete availability and redundancy. Spam filter and virus checks are included. Read more

Software & Licenses

You can buy licenses through us for the most popular operating systems and programs. We know the particulars and will help you through the tricky parts. Read more

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