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We offer cloud services and server utilities in 6 different data centers around the world.

Our pride and joy

Most of our services are based in our own data centers in Falkenberg and Stockholm, on the west and east coast of Sweden.

Our data centers are manned by our own team and we have full control over all things big and small – be it connecting cables and fiber or managing emergency power. We are next door to our servers and yours, ready to jump in at a moment’s notice. And what’s more, we make great coffee

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GleSYS opens a new flagship data center in Falkenberg

We have finally completed an ultra-efficient and sustainable data center in Falkenberg, Sweden.

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Just south of Stockholm an old cable factory has been remade into an ultra-modern data center and our second home. Conforming to all our demands on connections, redundancy and neutrality this center is also our pride and joy.

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Strategically placed on the west coast where the weather is mild, with good means of transportation and the power supply is particularly stable. This coupled with the fact that several ISPs offer high-grade fiber connections means conditions are ideal for our stable VPS services and colocation solutions.

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In Oulu, Finland's fifth largest city and birthplace for both Nokia and IRC, lies our northernmost data center. With two high-redundant zones and connection to GleSYS Backbone, Oulu is a good choice for those who want to reach Finland.

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Our Partner Data Centers


The Netherlands

Amsterdam is probably the most important city in Europe in all things Internet related. All major service providers keep a presence here, us included.

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Salmon farming is big business in Norway. We therefore enter the market and offer a delicious and locally grown VPS service. Bon appétit!

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United Kingdom

This area is particularly dense when it comes to service providers, with good connections to the US and Europe. It is also home to our VPS and network services.

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