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We offer the Nordic region's most expansive, secure and sustainable data center platform.

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We are proud to deliver most of our services from our data centers, providing our customers with an additional layer of security as we are close to their servers and ours. Our team is always available at our data centers, and we have complete control over everything from cabling to backup power, cooling, and fiber connections. We can respond quickly to any issues that may arise and maintain the highest level of reliability.

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Our Data Centers



Just south of central Stockholm, right by the E4, is the Västberga data center. Here, in Asea's old cable factory, we have built a state-of-the-art data center that meets all requirements for redundancy, connections and neutrality.

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Strategically located on the west coast with mild weather, good communications, a stable power supply and numerous fiber connections, our data center has all the prerequisites to deliver robust cloud services and first-class colocation.

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Our data center in Oulu, Finland's fifth-largest city and known as the birthplace of Nokia and IRC, serves as our northernmost facility. It offers two highly redundant zones and a connection to GleSYS Backbone, making it an ideal option for those looking to reach Finland.

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Our Partner Data Centers


The Netherlands

Amsterdam is the most important city in Europe in all things Internet-related. All major service providers keep a presence here, us included.

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Salmon farming is a big business in Norway. We, therefore, enter the market and offer a delicious and locally grown Cloud VPS service. Bon appétit!

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United Kingdom

This area is particularly dense regarding service providers, with good connections to the US and Europe. It is also home to our VPS and network services.

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