Stockholm Data Center

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Quick facts

  • Internal code: VBDC
  • Construction year: Zone 1: 2012–2013 / Zone 2: 2015
  • Area: 3767 square foot server hall / 16146 square foot total
  • UPS system: Zone 1: Socomec Modulys Green Power, 120 kVA / Zone 2: Emerson Network Power Chloride Trinergy, 750 kVA
  • Generator: Emergency power generator, 800 kVA
  • Thermal management: Emerson Network Power Liebert HPC-S, 387 kW cooling capacity
  • Fire prevention: VESDA laser with automated fire extinguishing system using Novec™ 1230
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Safety & prevention

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Physical access & CCTV

All access to GleSYS data centers are managed centrally. All comings and goings to our facilities are logged. All areas are monitored by at least one security camera.

Locks & security

All areas are fitted with alarms connected to security services and premises are guarded outside office hours. Colocation racks are locked and accessible only by owners. Routers and dedicated servers are housed in a special area only accessible by trusted personnel.

Alarms & monitoring

This data center has a complete set of alarms covering the usual aspects, such as climate control and the monitoring of systems. These alarms are supervised by GleSYS personnel as well as Nokas security and Coromatics security services.

All areas have smoke detectors, and the most sensitive areas, such as our server halls, have very early warning aspirating smoke detectors (VESDA) to identify a potential fire in the shortest time possible. Automatic fire extinguishing systems using gas are installed to protect electronic equipment.

Cooling & UPS

No muss, no fuss, no waste

Each zone is equipped with a cooling system with at least N+1 redundancy. This cooling system is made up of a free cooling unit outdoors and precision units in the server aisles. The free cooling unit uses outside temperatures for maximum effect. The units have EC condenser fans that reduces RPM and energy consumption when appropriate. Warm and cool air are separated in different passages to further reduce power consumption. Each part of the cooling system is checked and serviced at least twice per calendar year.

Each zone has its own Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) ensuring at least 8 minutes of power without any disruptions to all racks in the server halls. These systems are completely redundant and parts are changeable even during operation. Batteries are monitored automatically every two weeks and the system is tested once a month. The system is checked and serviced twice per calendar year. All batteries are recycled. GleSYS support center is powered by its own UPS to ensure operation and upkeep even during power outages.

Fiber & Internet

GleSYS Backbone is made up of several redundant core and distribution routers ensuring resilient connections for all equipment. From Stockholm we are connected via several WDM links Malmö, Falkenberg, Gothenburg and many cities in Europe. Skanova and Stokab keep optical distribution frames (ODF) on our premises.

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Emergency power & generator

A first-rate data center requires a first-rate emergency power solution

An emergency power generator provides electricity in the event of power outages. The generator is tested by experienced GleSYS personnel at least once a month. It is equipped to ensure seamless transitions between power supplies without disruptions. It is serviced at least once a year. Eco friendly fuel from EcoPar is available to run the generator for 24 hours.

GleSYS support center is also connected to emergency power to maintain normal operations during a power outage.