Service Description


Version 2024.01.01

Everything you need for simple and secure web-based email hosting wrapped in a fast, lightweight interface. Read more

Technical Specification

Customer self-service Yes, managed in GleSYS Cloud
Spam filter Yes
Anti-virus Yes
Catch-all email address No
DMARK support Yes (incoming)
DKIM support Yes (incoming)
SRS support No
CalDAV support No
Transactional emails No
Automatic backup Yes, one per day with 90-days retention*
Configurable backup No
Restore from backup Yes, contact our support for help
Maximum messages per day 600 delivered messages
File attachment size limit 40 MB
Processing of personal data Storage, transfer
* If you use the POP3 protocol, your emails will not be backed up.

Webmail Features

Address book Yes
Reset password Yes
Configure anti-spam policies Yes
Out-of-office status Yes


Infrastructure platform GleSYS
Configure domain SPF/MX records Customer
Email client setup Customer
Email client troubleshooting Customer
Restore from backup GleSYS
Backup verification Customer