Service Description

Optical Distribution Frame (ODF)

Version 2024.01.01

An optical distribution frame (ODF) is a frame used to provide cable interconnections between communication facilities. It can integrate fiber splicing, fiber termination, fiber optic adapters, and connectors and cable connections in a single unit. Additionally, it can work as a protective device, safeguarding fiber optic connections from damage.

Technical Specification

The ODF service provides means for pre-cabling and termination of optical services in a colocation rack. We normally pre-install our racks with an ODF with the specifications below. Each rack is provided with six pairs by default.

Form factor 19" Rack mount ODF / 1U
Port size 24 or 48 ports
Fiber type SM (Single-Mode Fiber)
Connector LC/UPC (Duplex)

Ordering information

Port quantities Ports can be ordered only in multiples of six. Please make a note of this when placing your order.
Diversity options Pre-cabling can be established in different Meet-Me-Rooms to provide diverse paths, subject to availability.
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