vCloud Private Cloud

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Your private data center in the cloud

vCloud Private Cloud is the perfect solution when building your own virtual data center. You can easily migrate your existing VMware cluster to GleSYS Cloud for a scalable platform with High Availability.

You get access to technologies and advanced features in VMware vSphere® and NSX®. Let our VMware certified experts take care of the hardware, updates and infrastructure required for a modern and secure virtualization environment.


Our expertise is your expertise

We continuously invest in training and certifications on VMware's products. You will be safe with GleSYS as your partner.

Multiple data centers in Europe

With six data centers in Europe it is easier than ever to build services with high availability for your end users.

Migrate to the Cloud

Seamlessly migrate your virtual servers to the cloud or create new ones with just a few clicks. We'll help you get started!

GleSYS infrastructure at your fingertips

Get access to the same reliable and scalable infrastructure used for all of our services and products.

Use cases

  • Business Critical Applications
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Integrated backup management
  • Data processing with special security requirements
  • Applications that require high performance and availability
  • When you need guaranteed available resources

"Since 2008, we've developed and refined our VMware platform – based on our customers' needs and requirements globally. We understand the importance of securing business-critical applications. With access to vCloud Director, you get full control of your virtual data center just like if it was hosted on your own premises."

James McEwan
Product Manager, VMware, GleSYS

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