Cookie Policy

Our most valuable asset is our customers' trust and confidence. Find out how we collect and use cookies on our websites and how we protect your privacy.

Use of Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies

Our website uses cookies – small text files – which are stored on the visitors’ computer and which are used, for example, to follow what you do on the website. If your device allows cookies, you agree to receive cookies from our websites.

No personal information – such as email or name – is stored about the visitor.

Cookies improve your experience of our website

In summary, the purpose of GleSYS ' use of cookies is to:

  • Generate statistics for analytics purposes.
  • Make it easier for you to navigate on our website.
  • Improve the website by understanding how it is used.

Saying no to cookies

You can delete cookies from your hard drive at any time, but this can cause you to lose your personal settings. You can also change the settings in your browser so that it does not allow cookies to be saved on your hard drive. This means, however, that the functionality of certain web pages is impaired or that some functions are not available.

More information

PTS (the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority), which is the supervisory authority, provides further information about cookies on their website.

Last updated 31 March 2021.