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VMware Cloud Verified and Principal Partner

Fully configurable to fit just right

Sleep well at night knowing your VPS is protected against hardware failures. VMware is run as separate servers on the same hardware, isolated and completely independent from each other.

You can choose our ready-made templates or install your own operating system. VMware lets you run Windows, Linux or BSD. We can help you import servers from other providers or images of Cisco routers, among others.

Advantages of VMware

Install any operating system you want

A VMware VPS runs totally independent of what hardware it is on. This basically means that you can install whatever operating system you prefer, as long as it is x86 compatible.

Protected against hardware failure

If any hardware would break we can move your server to working hardware and replace broken parts, without any disruptions of service. If a piece of hardware fails completely your VPS will be restarted on functioning hardware.

Up to 10 Gbits/s bandwidth

For whenever you are in need of heaps of bandwidth. Lack of speed will never be an issue.

Import your own server

Move your server from another provider or install it on your own computer and import it to GleSYS Cloud when you are done.

Integrate with your local network

GleSYS Cloud is flexible and gives you the option to construct advanced solutions without investing in your own hardware. Using isolated networks gives you the option to connect your servers in the cloud with your own local network.

All you need is a connection to your local network and a network in GleSYS Cloud. You can connect easily using a Linux server acting as a bridge or a router like the Cisco CSR1000V.

Windows, Linux och Appliances

We have ready-made templates for the latest versions of Windows Server and most common Linux distributions. Licenses for all popular Windows operating systems are included in your monthly plan.

Many software developers offer their products as prepackaged appliances, which we are happy to help you import and use in GleSYS Cloud, so you can keep using your favourite products.

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