Amsterdam Data Center

Maximize your efficiency and reduce latency by utilizing our trusted partner data center in the Netherlands.

Bringing Europe closer

Amsterdam's excellent network infrastructure and numerous peering opportunities make Europe more accessible. It's no wonder many consider Amsterdam the center of the Internet, making it an ideal location to establish your presence in Europe.

Deploy a Cloud VPS in our partner data center, Equinix, and reach your European end-users at lightning speeds. Rest assured, you'll be running on the same cutting-edge infrastructure that you've grown to expect from us at GleSYS.

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Securely deploy and effectively scale your digital infrastructure on our VMware platform. Our cloud is all-SSD.

Improved performance and redundancy

Connect to GleSYS Backbone with direct access to AMS-IX, LINX in London and DE-CIX in Frankfurt. You have the world at your fingertips.

Behind the scenes in Amsterdam

Amsterdam behind the scenes

Available services

Cloud VPS: VMware
Private networks in VMware
IP transit
Internet connectivity
Ethernet transport

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