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Aiming for Europe?

The continent is now closer than ever before. Extensive peering opportunities and a solid network infrastructure make Amsterdam an ideal starting point if you want to establish your presence in Europe. Amsterdam is often referred to as “the center of the Internet” for a reason.

Spin up a VPS in our partner data center (Equinix) and reach your end-users in Europe at lightning speeds. Rest assured, you'll be running on the same cutting-edge infrastructure that you've grown to expect from us at GleSYS.

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Securely deploy and effectively scale your digital infrastructure on our VMware platform. Our cloud is all-SSD.

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Connect to GleSYS Backbone with direct access to AMS-IX, LINX in London and DE-CIX in Frankfurt. You have the world at your fingertips.

Amsterdam behind the scenes

Amsterdam behind the scenes

Available services

VPS hosting

Cloud VPS: VMware
Private networks in VMware

IP services

IP transit
Internet connectivity
Ethernet transport

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