Oslo Data Center

Establish a presence in one of Europe's fastest-growing cities with our trusted partner data center in Norway.

Entering the Norwegian market?

There's a significant need for exchange within the Nordic region, and we have built a site in Oslo to fill the void. Whether running an eCommerce or operating a network solution, you can use our powerful Cloud VPS service. It's worth mentioning that our partner data center, DigiPlex, is also powered entirely by renewable energy.

Interested in our services?

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Phone: +46-346-738 800
Email: sales@glesys.com

Deploy instantly with GleSYS Cloud

With a VPS on our VMware platform you will be able to securely deploy and effectively scale your digital infrastructure. Our cloud is all-SSD.

Internet connectivity? Oh, yes!

Hosting is just one part of our offering. We deliver internet connectivity to your office or real estate. Speeds all the way up to 10 Gbit/s.

Boundless entrepreneurship

We provide direct access to Stockholm and Gothenburg, allowing you to expand your business globally with ease.

Invest your time

Are you tired of wasting time dealing with server issues? Spend your time working on your business instead. We got your back!

Available services

Cloud VPS: VMware
Private networks in VMware
IP Transit
Internet connectivity
Metro Network
Ethernet transport

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