Service Description

VMware Cloud Director as a Service (vCloud)

Version 2024.01.01

Note: The Service was previously named vCloud Private Cloud.

With VMware Cloud Director as a Service, your workloads share the GleSYS VMware platform of infrastructure and VMware components. VMware workloads across different Cloud accounts are securely isolated by VMware Cloud Director virtualization of networking, storage, CPU, and RAM. Read more


The product is present in the following locations:

  • dc-fbg1 (our DC in Falkenberg, Sweden)
  • dc-sto1 (our DC in Stockholm, Sweden)

Features at a Glance

  • VMware infrastructure health and patching is managed by GleSYS Operations up through the hypervisor.
  • Create and deploy VMware workload vApps and virtual machines.
  • Fully customizable VM configurations (CPU, memory, storage).
  • Support for hot-add compute resources and block storage.
  • Fully customizable network topology with firewall, NAT, VPN, DHCP & Load Balancing services.
  • Role based access control (RBAC).

Technical Specification

Storage tiers Gold: 6000 IOPS
Silver: 1200 IOPS
Shared CPU Yes
Backup support Yes (Veeam as an add-on)
Snapshot support Yes
High Availability – automatic failover support Yes
Anti-affinity rules Yes
Import/export VM Yes
Processing of personal data Storage, transfer

1. NSX Networking (default, recommended)

Bandwidth Configurable 100 Mbps – 10 Gbps
High Availability Yes
VM networking NAT is a requirement for providing inbound/outbound access into the VDC.
IPv6 support No
Internal networks limit 10 networks (contact sales for more)
Firewall on edge GW Yes
IPsec Site-to-Site Yes
Client VPN No
Load balancer Yes (additional cost, contact sales)
Remote Syslog configuration No
Bring your own IP No

2. Non-NSX Networking

Router Customer installs and configures/supports router (hardware or software).
Bandwidth As agreed upon with sales
IP adressing Link network and VLAN required for BGP peering.
VM networking Can be placed directly on a public network (no NAT required, dual stack IPv4/IPv6 supported).
Internal networks limit 10 networks (contact sales for more)
Bring your own IP Yes

Veeam Backup (optional)

Customer self-service No, ordered through sales and need activation
Configurable scheme Yes
Redundant backups No


Infrastructure platform GleSYS
Update resource quota (by request) GleSYS
Manage workloads Customer
Create network topology Customer
Configure network services Customer
Monitoring environment Customer
Patching and updating OS Customer
Troubleshooting OS Customer
Backup management and validation Customer
Restore from backup Customer