Service Description


Version 2024.01.01

Our KVM VPS solution provides a seamless and dependable hosting experience. KVM is a Linux-based virtualisation technology that allows the creation of multiple isolated virtual machines. Our robust VPS platform is a high-quality hypervisor, delivering powerful yet cost-effective hosting for your websites and other projects. Read more


The product is present in the following locations:

  • dc-fbg1 (our DC in Falkenberg, Sweden)
  • dc-sto1 (our DC in Stockholm, Sweden)
  • dc-oul1 (our DC in Oulu, Finland)

Technical Specification

All virtualization hosts are built on optimized Intel® hardware for optimal performance.

The network infrastructure is built on Cisco hardware.

Customer self-service Yes, managed in GleSYS Cloud
CPU cores 1–24 cores (hot-add/remove depending on OS)
Memory 1–32 GB (hot-add depending on OS)
Disk storage 20–300 GB (increase with restart)
Storage type NVMe (limited to 6000 IOPS)
Available OS templates AlmaLinux, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, Windows
Shared CPU* Yes
Backup support Yes (as an integrated add-on)
Cloud-init support Yes (use API for customizing cloud-init)
Additional disks No
Anti-affinity rules No
Bring your own IP No
Bring your own ISO No
Private networks No
Processing of personal data Storage, transfer
* Normal use is considered at or below 50% of the average daily usage per core.

Integrated Backup (optional)

Customer self-service Yes, managed in GleSYS Cloud
Configurable scheme User-defined scheduling
Backup frequency Daily and weekly
Redundant backups No


Infrastructure platform GleSYS
Securing VM – configuring firewall, intrusion prevention etc. Customer
Patching and updating OS Customer
Troubleshooting OS Customer
Backup platform GleSYS
Backup management and validation Customer
Restore from backup Customer