Privacy Policy

At GleSYS we value our customers’ integrity and security. This Privacy Policy explains how we collect and process personally identifiable information, as well as details your rights pertaining to said processing.

When you become a customer of GleSYS AB (Org. nr. 556647-9241), you thereby accept the processing detailed in our Privacy Policy. GleSYS is the data processor for the personal data we collect from our customers, as outlined by our General Terms & Conditions and this Privacy Policy.

We continuously improve our internal guidelines and how we process your personal data. This may lead to frequent changes of this Privacy Policy. We therefore recommend that you review this policy from time to time so that you are fully informed concerning the types of information we are gathering, how we use it, and under what circumstances it may be disclosed. We will always inform our customers of any significant changes to this policy.

How does GleSYS process my personal data?

GleSYS collects and processes personal data in cases where doing so is required in order to provide a satisfying user experience and delivery of services , or when it is required by law. We store this information as long as we need to in order to fulfill said obligations.

What information do we collect, and why?

When you become a customer of GleSYS, we may collect the following information: Name, Organizational Number / Personal Number (Swedish customers only), email, phone number, and postal address.

We process and store this information to enable us to invoice you in accordance with regulations. When you choose to pay using a Debit/Credit Card, we store that information with our partners for secure payment solutions.

When an organization or an individual add additional contact details or grant third party access to their account and/or organization, that information is stored as well.

We may at times send emails to all of our customers, notifying them of serious disruptions to services or changes to our terms and conditions. Such messages are sent to the email address provided by the customer.

We may also email our customers about new products or other information we deem interesting for you. You can always opt out of receiving such emails, by clicking “unsubscribe” at the bottom of the email.

We document the IP-address behind a change in a customer’s account on GleSYS Cloud in order to protect and assist our customers with troubleshooting.

Voluntary Information

We collect the First and Last name provided to us by an individual accepting an invitation from an organization, or when a customer adds a secondary contact person for their account. We do this to provide our customers with a reliable overview of who has access to their products and services.

When you contact GleSYS Support, we may store the information you provide us with. In addition to the email address used in the communication, we may also store any and all personally identifiable information as provided by you, including but not limited to phone numbers, secondary emails or postal addresses. We do this to be able to provide you with relevant support services in the future, should you choose to contact us again.

You may choose to engage with GleSYS through our social media channels. Any such communication is governed by the privacy policies of the social media platform provider. We use this information to the fullest extent permitted by the privacy policies of the provider and the relevant laws.

Automatically collected information

When you use our products and services, we collect and process data on how you use them. This information may at times be shared with third party providers of marketing tools, in order to provide you with a better user experience. We may use cookies in order to track you across our platform.

Examples of automatically collected information includes:

  • IP-addresses from logs on systems we use to manage our infrastructure.
  • Information found in logs that detail what type of device you are connecting with. This information will not identify you personally, but when associated with other information, it may.
  • Information collected from social media in accordance with the governing privacy policies of the platform provider.

Does GleSYS have a Data Processing Agreement?

Yes. In order to help our customers prepare for GDPR, we have prepared a Data Processing Agreement. Contact us at if you think you may need to sign one with us.

What rights do I as a customer have?

As a customer of GleSYS, you always have the right to review any and all information we have saved pertaining to you as an individual. We allow one free data export per year. Send your request to for assessment and processing. We usually revert back within a month of receiving such a request. If we suspect it will take longer to process your request, we will inform you of the reason behind the delay.

To ensure we only share information with the individual mentioned in the request, you may be required to submit your scanned passport together with your request. The image will be deleted from our servers as soon as the request has been fully processed.

You may at any time log on to your GleSYS Cloud account to verify the information saved on your account, as well as in most cases change and/or delete personally identifiable information. You may request that we delete all the information we have saved pertaining to you as an individual (The Right to be Forgotten). Kindly note that we may be obliged to continue to store such information in order to meet our legal obligations, most notably laws regulating invoicing and tax processing.

Data Protection Officer

If you have questions and/or concerns regarding our processing of your personal data, we encourage you to contact our Data Protection Officer, Johan Boger, who is your representative at GleSYS. You may contact him at

Regulatory Authority

If you have concerns regarding how GleSYS processes your personal data, you need to contact the relevant regulatory authority. Datainspektionen (The Swedish Data Protection Authority) is the governing body for Sweden. You can find their contact details at

Last updated: 7 May 2018