High-Density Colocation

Maximized colocation for HPC & AI. Reliable power, advanced cooling, and exceptional efficiency.

At the zenith of performance

Our AI-ready data center in Falkenberg, Sweden, is purpose-built to handle high-density computing. Our flexible design and track record of operational excellence make us the go-to experts for AI and hyperscale workloads.

Experience high-speed, reliable connectivity and affordable transit solutions for colocation, data recovery, content delivery, and more.

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Engineered for AI

High-Density Solutions

Experience high to ultra-high-density power and cooling solutions tailored for your AI and cloud infrastructure.

Advanced Cooling

We offer state-of-the-art air and liquid cooling solutions tailored to your needs, including direct to chip (DtC) and immersion cooling.


We are highly adaptable and can create custom environments to help you effectively train and deploy high-density AI workloads.

Future-Proof Design

Thanks to its design, our data center can rapidly scale and adapt to new technologies, fulfilling your current and future needs.

Scale beyond limits with a DC built for HPC

The Falkenberg data center has a capacity of 5 MW and is designed to meet the demands of high-density cloud computing and artificial intelligence solutions. It is strategically located on the west coast in southern Sweden and seamlessly integrates with our two other data centers: sto-dc1 (Stockholm) and oul-dc1 (Oulu, Finland).

Our facilities are environmentally certified and follow high security standards, which include robust physical safeguards, a wide range of connections, and a reliable power supply. With scalable, not least secure, infrastructure, we can guarantee reliable and efficient colocation on a large scale.

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  • Up to 44 kW per Rack (Air Cooling)
  • Up to 170 kW per Rack (Liquid Cooling)
  • OCP™-Ready Data Center
  • NVIDIA DGX™-Ready Data Center
  • 100% Renewable Energy
  • 100% Heat Recovery
  • High Bandwidth, Low Latency
  • Carrier Neutral
  • Sovereign Provider

Sovereignty and Compliance

We are a Nordic business with 100% European ownership and a strong focus on security. GleSYS operates compliant data centers and critical digital infrastructure and offers services with essential societal functions. We adhere to high-security standards and conduct systematic, risk-based information security work with the support of the ISO 27000 standard.

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