Service Description

Colocation: Full Rack

Version 2024.01.01

Our full rack colocation service is perfect for customers with a large footprint requirement. Space is contracted per full rack, with equipment placed within the private rack with access to our resilient power and business-class internet connectivity. Read more

Features at a Glance

  • Physical access is provided 24/7 in our Stockholm, Falkenberg, and Oulu data centers.
    Each rack agreement includes one access card.
  • UPS/Generator backed power
  • Aisle airflow containment
  • Direct access to low latency, reliable connectivity (redundancy available)


The product is present in the following locations:

  • dc-fbg1 (our DC in Falkenberg, Sweden)
  • dc-sto1 (our DC in Stockholm, Sweden)
  • dc-oul1 (our DC in Oulu, Finland)

All data centers are connected together using our low latency resilient MPLS, ideal for Disaster Recovery (DR) or geographical load balancing.

Full Rack Standard Configuration

Rack space 47U, 14U (third of a full rack)
Lockable door Yes
Power* 2x16A (7kW A+B)
ODF An 1U ODF is pre-installed. Each rack is provided with six pairs as standard.
Transfer Not included – from 100 Mbps up to 100 Gbps available
Network uplink 1 Gbps port by default – up to 100 Gbps available
IP addresses Not included, but available
* Power options: customization up to 40kW+ power may be available depending on the data center location.


GleSYS offers the option of acquiring extra access cards for an additional fee. However, access to the full rack rental is subject to specific regulations. The electric locks on all racks can only be unlocked by the assigned cardholders who are renting the Colocation Full Rack. Additionally, authorized GleSYS staff have unrestricted access to all racks. In some cases it may be feasible to obtain restricted access, even from staff, and alarms.

Additional Services Available

Advanced connectivity options available (MPLS and more) Yes
Redundant multi-homed connectivity Yes
Copper and fiber rack cross-connects Yes
Data center inter-connects Yes
Remote hands support Yes
Service Level Agreement (SLA) Yes
Live bandwidth/power monitoring No


Supply the support infrastructure – physical security, internet connection, cooling, uninterruptible power sources (UPS). GleSYS
The customer will install their equipment in the full rack according to the agreement. GleSYS
Monitor and report issues or suspected faults on the Colocation Service Customer
Comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and ordinances regarding the use of the colocation space, customer equipment, and stored information. Customer
Comply with network traffic volumes according to agreement Customer
All software installed on hardware Customer
Insurance that covers hardware and the damages caused by it Customer