Service Description

Managed Hosting: Linux

Version 2024.01.01

GleSYS Managed Hosting for Linux is a repeatable and cost-efficient solution where we take responsibility for installing, administering, maintaining, and monitoring a Linux-based stack, such as LAMP, for a fixed monthly cost.


The solution is present in the following locations:

  • dc-fbg1 (our DC in Falkenberg, Sweden)
  • dc-sto1 (our DC in Stockholm, Sweden)
  • dc-oul1 (our DC in Oulu, Finland)

Technical Specification

Operating System Latest version of Debian
Supported platforms VPS VMware, VPS KVM, Dedicated Server
SSH access Yes (non-root)
Processing of personal data Storage, transfer

Supported services*

Web servers Apache2, Nginx
Databases MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Redis, MongoDB, Memcached
Programming languages PHP, Python, Node.js
SSL certificates Automated Let's Encrypt, Bring your own certificate
Other Postfix, ProFTPd, RabbitMQ
* Do you need something else? Feel free to contact sales to see if we can help!

Supported clustered services

Multi-Primary Replication MariaDB, Galera, Elasticsearch
Single Primary Replication MariaDB, Redis, MongoDB

Additional Services Available

Firewall Yes
Monitoring Yes
Backup Yes
Antivirus No
Network File System (NFS) Yes


Updating and patching OS GleSYS
Monitoring server and services GleSYS
Backup platform GleSYS
Creating and maintaining databases Customer
Application code/data/support Customer
Backup validation Customer